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Ada Lawyer – Ada Emily Evans (17 May 1872 – 27 December 1947), was an Australian barrister and Australia’s first female law student.

Evans was born in Wanstead, England (a town in the county of Essex, now a north-east suburb of London), the daughter of architect Hry Evans and his wife Louisa, who came from a family of lawyers. She attended school in the London suburb of Woodford, before her family moved to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1883. There she attended Sydney Girls High School,

Ada Lawyer

And began his tertiary education at the University of Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1895. After graduating, he intended to establish a school with his sister in the inner west suburb of Summer Hill, but abandoned the project after a period of illness.

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Then, encouraged by his mother Louisa, Evans again enrolled at the University of Sydney in 1899, this time at the Sydney Law School. Although the dean of the school at the time, Pitt Cobbett, apparently would not allow a woman to work, he was not present abroad and Evans was able to take over the school. On his return, he declared to Evans “that he was not built for the law and would seek a more suitable remedy”.

The current practice rules in New South Wales at the time did not recognize women lawyers, and there was no requirement for women to be lawyers; When Evans tried to register as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, his application was refused. Although the case law did not actually disqualify women from being lawyers, the common law of the time stated that unless the law specifically granted rights or privileges to the woman, it did not apply to them, as women were not included in the definition of person . .

Despite these obstacles, Evans continued her studies and on 26 December 1902 she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree, the first woman in Australia to do so.

After graduating, Evans applied for admission to the New South Wales Bar to practice as a solicitor, but again her application was rejected on the basis of her gender. He was also barred from being admitted to the glish Bar. Evans and her supporters in women’s organizations began a campaign to have the law changed to allow women to practice specifically. Such legislation was passed in other Australian states to specifically allow the admission of women, and in 1905 Flos Greig became the first female barrister in Australia, when she was admitted to the Victorian bar (after becoming the first Victorian female barrister in 1903) . During this time, Evans also edited the women’s weekly page of the Australian Star newspaper, where her work incorporated “the basic theme that truth and goodness are the basic ingredients for human happiness.”

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The New South Wales Parliament finally changed the law to allow women to practice law, passing the Legal Status of Women Act 1918 in late 1918. Evans enrolled as a law student in May 1919 and on 12 May 1921, after they required two years as a student, becoming the first woman admitted to the New South Wales Bar. However, although she was immediately offered a job as a paralegal, she declined to train, citing family commitments and the time since graduating and saying that she did not want “the position of women in the profession to be undermined by incompetence”.

In 1909, Evans and his brother moved to the town of Bowral in the New South Wales Southern Highlands, where they bought a six-hectare agricultural property called Kurkulla, where he died, aged 75, in 1947. He was cremated in Sydney.

In 1998, Sydney lawyer Michael Maxwell opened a new bar in central Sydney NSW, named after Ada Evans. The hall was officially opened on 20 November 1998 by the Honorable Justice Mary Gaudron of the High Court of Australia. The opening was attended by Katherine Morgan (née Evans), a barrister admitted in 1989. She was the first of Ada Evans’ siblings to become a barrister and was the great-granddaughter of Ada’s cousin. Mrs Morgan presented Chambers with a copy of Ada Evans’ graduation photo from the University of Sydney.

Ada Evans Chambers continues to operate today with a membership of 30 lawyers with founder Michael Maxwell still on the floor. Predatory ADA lawsuits have been filed by a dozen California ADA attorneys. Our ADA defense attorneys protect businesses from predatory ADA lawsuits.

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Ada Lawyer

When looking for an excellent ADA advocate in Los Angeles, companies avoid ADA advocates who work for a fixed fee. Even handling a fraudulent ADA claim is still a lot of work, and while a flat fee may seem more cost-effective, it’s unlikely that it will cover the amount of time and effort this case takes. When paying an ADA defense attorney, an hourly rate will result in higher legal fees; overall, it will save you more money in the long run. ADA defense attorneys will undertake the work of gathering evidence and presenting it to the plaintiff to either dismiss the claim or settle early. If the case ends

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