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Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Best Personal Injury Lawyer – Contrary to popular belief, personal injury cases do not apply only to employer-employee relationships. In reality, they cover a wide range of practice areas and injury claims, so it’s important to find an attorney whose experience aligns with your specific case.

If you have just been injured in a work or traffic accident, this article will help you – we reviewed personal injury lawyers in Toronto to help you get started!

Best Personal Injury Lawyer


We searched high and low for the best personal injury lawyers in Toronto. Our criteria cover a number of factors, including but not limited to:

How To Find A Personal Injury Lawyer

Most personal injury lawyers in Toronto (and Canada as a whole) charge on a contingency basis. Typically, this is between 20% to 33% of the client’s recovery fee, or the amount you receive after winning the case. The percentage range will vary depending on the complexity and life expectancy of the case. This also means that the personal injury attorney will not be paid until the case is settled. In cases where the case is lost, most lawyers will no longer charge clients for their services.

Experience: We analyze their specialization and how long they have been practicing law. We think this will give potential clients a good idea of ​​what they are capable of.

Work Ethics: Here we consider how reputable this lawyer is in terms of efficiency, honesty and work conduct.

Availability: We also take into account how easy it is to communicate with these lawyers, as well as how flexible they are with appointments.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Canberra

Track Record: Clients naturally gravitate to lawyers with good success rates. So, we look at your track record when it comes to winning personal injury cases.

Catastrophic injury, wrongful death, serious auto accident, slip, trip and fall accident, occupant liability, defective product, commercial and professional negligence, short and long term disability denial, property liability, fire damage, animal attack

Grillo Law has been practicing law for almost 40 years. Since its inception, they have successfully processed more than 20,000 claims and settled hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients.


We love that they are well versed in handling a variety of personal injury claims. Among the most common are car and motorcycle accidents, brain and spinal cord injuries, slip and fall accidents, and long-term disability.

Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

One important thing worth highlighting for us is that they work with several medical experts. They do this so they can fully investigate the nature of your injury, along with its impact on your quality of life.

And these doctors are certified by courts and insurance companies. We give them top points for efficiency and honesty in this regard.

Many of their clients who have suffered serious injuries, especially in vehicle accidents, praise them for being so accommodating and caring. It seems they really feel they are in good hands with their legal team.

Like most lawyers, they work on a risk-free contingency basis. We have heard that they are also 100% up front on all fees and expenses.

The 8 Best Personal Injury Attorney In Chicago Il (september 2023)

However, we would like them to strive to have better lines of communication with their customers. Apparently, some of their customers had difficulty contacting them: calls were not returned and emails were not answered.

Additionally, we have heard of cases where the attorney assigned to a particular case suddenly changed without prior notice to the client. We believe that this kind of rapid change makes it difficult for customers to establish a trusting relationship.

“The personal injury attorneys at Grillo Law provided my case with excellent customer service. They gave my case the best outcome and worked hard to help me get the maximum settlement. They were very efficient, accessible, detailed, professional and supported me throughout my case. I would recommend Grillo Law to anyone looking for an attorney! – Priscilla Bekoe, Google Reviews


“Grillo Law is an exceptional law firm in every respect. When trying to get accident benefits, I needed help and called Grillo Law. From the beginning of working with them, I received exceptional service. All my questions were answered thoroughly and I was kept informed about the case. Your help is much appreciated.” – Vicente Soto, Google Reviews

How To Choose The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In Thomson, Ga

Motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, professional negligence, recreational accidents, school accidents, long-term care home negligence, slips, trips and falls, fatal accidents and defective products, insurance disputes including long-term disability, critical illness and life insurance

Beyond Law is a boutique firm established by founding partners Josh Nisker and Kate Mazzucco. Although new to owning their practice, both attorneys have extensive experience and industry recognition under their belts.

Josh and Kate have been named two of Canada’s Best Lawyers by Best Lawyers from 2020 to 2022. They are also part of Toronto’s Best Lawyers 2021 by Post City Magazine.

Suffice it to say that they have left their own significant mark in the industry. And if you are someone who wants to file a personal injury case and seek compensation for damages, we truly believe it will be a solid choice.

Henderson Personal Injury Attorney, Brian Boyer

From what we hear, they try to stay cool and calm with their customers in a chaotic and stressful process. They are very hands-on and keep their clients informed throughout the litigation.

They also operate on contingency-based billing, so there is little or no financial risk when using their services. Note that their maximum contingency fee is slightly higher for personal injury claims: 33.3%.

And because they are primarily a small team of two, they can only serve a certain number of customers at a time. Therefore, there is no guarantee that they will be able to accept your case. However, it is worth asking for a free consultation to see if they are in a position to help.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer

“Josh always provided prompt communication and answered all questions. Even when I felt stressed and at a loss to move forward, Josh was able to guide me step by step and commit to achieving the best outcome for my family. I will always be grateful for Josh Nisker’s support and guidance and would highly recommend Beyond Law to help me through any difficult situation. Thanks again José!!” – Lisa Kendrew-Smith, Google Reviews

Best Personal Injury Lawyers In Toronto

“I hired Josh Nisker just a few months before the insurance company closed my file. He has been a strong advocate on my behalf and made sure I received the rehabilitative treatment I needed when the insurance company put up barriers. Their customer-centric approach is very clear from the start. They always treat me with respect and answer any questions I have in a timely manner. Josh has an uncanny ability to explain complex legal jargon in plain English. I am grateful to him and his staff at Beyond Law LLP for providing me with the support and protection I needed as I recovered from my injuries. I highly recommend Josh to anyone who needs personal attention.

Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, other types of motor vehicle accidents, including ATVs, motorcycles, boats and health care related accidents

Bergel Magence LLP is one of Toronto’s most established practices and has been around for over 50 years. They are a family-focused law firm with experience handling a wide variety of personal injury claims.

Those thinking about filing a lawsuit and seeking the maximum compensation possible should consider it. This is because they continue to win prizes worth hundreds of millions of dollars for their customers.

Tips For Choosing The Best Personal Injury Lawyer

In addition to helping when it comes to personal injury claims, they also connect clients with leading medical experts. They will be your health care team helping you on your way to recovery.

What we like about them is that they have a fairly large team of personal injury lawyers, each with years of experience and knowledge. Whether you are the victim of a car accident, medical malpractice or negligence, they have someone for you.

In fact, they have enough of a reputation to be a powerhouse when it comes to this particular field.

Best Personal Injury Lawyer

However, it seems they also have a reputation for not being the best at updating their customers and keeping the lines of communication open. Apparently, some of its staff and lawyers can be aloof and passive at times.

How To Choose The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In El Paso, Tx

We have also heard of hidden or surprising fees from some customers who have accepted their offer. It seems they got a lot less than they bargained for, as some of the cuts weren’t discussed in the first place.

We had the pleasure of working with Hayden on our case and he was professional throughout the life of the case. An absolutely brilliant lawyer, researched everything thoroughly and was always 100% transparent with us as time went on. “His determination and effort helped us achieve a very satisfactory outcome in that case and I would recommend him to anyone.” – Steve Kazavchinski, Google Reviews

Hayden Cantor and Patricia Edwards are very dedicated and supportive. The team went above and beyond and showed real care and empathy. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you need this type of service, you can trust them completely.”

Motor vehicles

How To Hire The Best Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado Springs?

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