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Car Insurance For Students

Car Insurance For Students – Our cost analysis found that GEICO was the cheapest auto insurance company for most students who added to their family policy. COUNTRY Financial has the cheapest auto insurance for students who can afford their own coverage.

The younger you are, the more car insurance costs you. That’s why it’s important for college students to compare auto insurance rates when shopping for coverage. Otherwise, you could be paying hundreds of dollars more each month than you should for car insurance.

Car Insurance For Students


Find the best and cheapest student car insurance using quotes from 130 companies. We’ve analyzed full coverage auto insurance rates with the following limits at Quadrant Data Services from every zip code in the country.

How To Find Affordable Car Insurance For College Students During The School Year

Our picks for the cheapest student car insurance companies are based on average rates for drivers aged 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22.

We figured out the cost of adding a driver to an existing policy by calculating the average annual spend rate for drivers aged 18 to 22. We then applied these rates of change to the cost of insuring a driver less than a year old for each company in each state.

We determined the best companies by considering price along with the quality of customer service and coverage options. To evaluate customer service, we used each company’s JD Energy Claims Satisfaction Survey score and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners Complaint Index.

Students can get their own car insurance, but not everyone needs it. College student car insurance is $1,744 cheaper per year for drivers who stay on their family’s existing policy than getting their own.

Car Insurance Discounts For Students

As long as their home is still your primary residence, you can stay on your parents’ policy when you’re out of school. If you bring your own vehicle to college, you can stay on your family’s auto insurance. But when you move out of your parents’ house completely and have a new permanent address, you should get your own car insurance.

How we achieve ratings: Ratings are determined by our editorial team. Our methodology takes into account numerous factors, including pricing, financial ratings, quality of customer service and other product-specific attributes.

When it comes to major companies, GEICO has the cheapest auto insurance for students on their family policy. In addition to low prices, GEICO is known for receiving fewer customer complaints than its competitors.


GEICO is the best cheap auto insurance for most students who stay on their family policy. The average cost of auto insurance for a student with a family plan with GEICO is $116 per month. That’s $873 cheaper than the average.

Car Insurance For College Students

In addition to having the lowest auto insurance rates for young drivers, GEICO has a reputation for high-quality customer service. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, GEICO is receiving about a quarter more complaints than expected about its service, pricing and claims process. [1]

While GEICO has the cheapest student car insurance rates of any national carrier, NJM has the cheapest overall rates — but that’s only available to drivers who live in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s still one of the best companies in the country, so it’s worth considering if you’re in the NJM coverage area.

COUNTRY has the best and cheapest auto insurance for students who get their own policy. COUNTRY offers additional coverage add-ons that may be useful to students, such as personal property protection and roadside assistance.

College students who don’t (or can’t) stay on their family plan while in school pay more for car insurance, but COUNTRY’s low rates help keep costs down. We found that car insurance from COUNTRY financing costs $1,212 less than the average annual cost for students.

Cheap Car Insurance For College Students

One of the most valuable extras COUNTRY offers is personal property coverage up to $800. This includes any property stolen from your car, laptops, mobile phones or luggage.

COUNTRY offers roadside assistance coverage up to $1,000 for lockout service, fueling, repairs and towing. College students can receive up to $800 for car rental, transportation and lodging.

It has the largest per-mile insurance program (SmartMiles) of any company nationwide. Students can get cheaper car insurance while in college by signing up for SmartMiles and lowering their monthly payments.

Car Insurance For Students

College students can get cheap car insurance with SmartMiles nationwide. Because SmartMiles is a per-mile program, your rate is based on how often you drive each month for a flat rate.

Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance In San Diego?

If you need to get your own car insurance in college, it’s worth looking into SmartMiles, especially if you only drive your car a few times a month.

Drivers who sign up for SmartMiles will save up to 10% on their car insurance when they renew their policy – as long as they haven’t been in an accident during the last policy period. Additionally, SmartMiles drivers can receive trip exemptions and avoid paying surcharges for trips over 250 miles.

State Farm’s claims and pricing service receives few complaints and has a large network of representatives who can be contacted personally. These features make it a good choice for students looking for excellent customer service.

State Farm has the best student customer service of any of our low cost companies. The NAIC shows that State Farm has received 30% fewer complaints than average every year since 2019. JD Power’s annual claims satisfaction survey ranks State Farm’s claims process higher than its competitors. [2]

How Car Insurance Companies Value Cars

State Farm has the cheapest auto insurance for students. We found that it costs college students $202 a month to get their own policy with State Farm — less than the average $967 a year. Average cost of coverage for students residing on a family policy of $185 per month.

Along with your age, your location is one of the most important factors in determining your car insurance rates. The cheapest student insurance company varies by state (and even zip code).

The best way to make sure you’re getting the cheapest prices is to compare quotes from more than one company. That way, you can easily see who has the lowest rates for drivers like you—and you won’t have to worry about overpaying for coverage.


For drivers who stay on their family auto insurance policy, the average cost of auto insurance for a college student is $189 per month, or $2,264 per year.

Cheap Car Insurance Rates In Seattle, Washington

Car insurance is more expensive for students who will get their own policy. We found that the cost of a separate auto insurance policy for a student with a clean driving record is $283 per month or $3,396 per year.

Car insurance for college age drivers gets cheaper as you get older – as long as you avoid accidents and tickets. We found that average rates for students on a family policy drop 19 percent as age increases, while young drivers getting their own policies drop 17 percent each year.

The reason why student car insurance is more expensive than average is because of their relative lack of experience behind the wheel. Since students get their license for a short period of time, they are more at risk than older drivers.

Auto insurance for college-aged drivers gets lower and lower until age 25, which is when young drivers move out of the high-risk (and expensive) age bracket and start seeing regular auto insurance rates.

Back To School Auto Insurance

The best way for college students to save on car insurance is to combine their parents’ existing policies, but most companies offer at least a few discounts specifically for full-time students (that is, if you’re on a family policy or can get your own).

Most auto insurance companies offer this discount, and full-time students can save on auto insurance as long as they maintain at least a “B” average, earn a spot on the honor roll, or score well on standardized tests. We found that students pay $475 less per year if they qualify for a good student discount.

College students can get a discount on car insurance by completing a defensive driving course. To receive this discount, drivers must only take a course approved by their state’s DMV.


Most insurance companies offer higher discounts through usage-based or telematics programs (also called UBI). Usage-based programs track your driving behavior for several weeks and then reward you with discounts for safe driving habits. College students who are careful behind the wheel can reap significant savings by choosing a usage-based auto insurance program.

Secondary Drivers And Car Insurance

If you have your own off-campus place and your own auto insurance policy, consider bundling it with renters insurance to save on both.

If you have a college student on your policy who attends school at least 100 miles away and does not have a car with them

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