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Electrocution Attorney – Electrical injuries can have serious consequences, including expensive medical bills, permanent injury and death. If you or a loved one has been electrocuted while at work or because of a defective product in your home, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you file a compensation claim.

Almost everyone is exposed to electricity through the use of daily equipment or through work activities that need to be affected by electric current. While we accept electricity as part of our daily lives, we must also recognize the inherent danger it poses if not properly managed.

Electrocution Attorney


Electric shock can cause serious injury and in extreme cases can even be fatal. After a serious accident, electrical injuries may require immediate treatment, including time off work, ongoing treatment and rehabilitation therapy.

Orange County Electrocution Accidents Attorney

The cause of the electrical shock is an important consideration in determining one’s options for legal remedies.

If you or a loved one has suffered an electrical injury at work, on someone else’s property, or because of an appliance or circuit malfunction in your home, you may be eligible for compensation. One of our attorneys can help you determine if you are eligible to file a personal injury, product liability or wrongful death claim for electrocution.

Electrical injuries occur when a person is exposed to a low or high voltage source. The risks associated with electric shock can vary depending on the voltage level, the type of electric current, the duration of exposure and the general health of the person who received the shock.

Many effects and consequences can occur as a result of exposure to electric current. Low and high voltage shocks can cause loss of consciousness, seizures, burns and death, depending on how long a person is exposed to the current and other factors.

Pittsburgh Electrical Shock Injury Attorney

Although the term electrocution can be used interchangeably with electric shock, electrocution generally refers to a fatal electrical injury, while a non-fatal injury is more accurately defined as an electrical injury.

Electrical injuries can occur almost anywhere there is an electrical source. The most common areas of electrical injury are at work, particularly injuring workers in the construction industry, who are at high risk of electrocution and potentially fatal electrocution.

Construction industry workers – electricians, roofers, carpenters, construction site workers and painters – account for the majority of workplace accident victims and electrocution deaths.


Many of these workers are exposed to electrical sources on a regular basis due to the nature of their work. After construction, the types of workers most likely to experience electrical injuries include those in manufacturing, entertainment and hospitality, health care and education, and the service industry.

Jeffrey H. Feldman, Electrocution Lawyer

In 2018, occupational exposure to electric shock resulted in more than 1,500 non-fatal electrical injuries and another 160 deaths.

The home is another common location for electrical injuries, especially among children, who account for about 20 percent of all electrical injury victims.

People can get electrocuted by coming into contact with appliances, exposed electrical wires, or when working on electrical circuits in the home. Electrical injuries can occur as a result of an accident or by using a faulty electrical appliance.

Household extension cords are a common cause of electrical problems, causing an estimated 4,700 home fires in the United States each year. These can cause mild to severe burns and even death.

The 6 Most Common Causes Of Electrocution In The Workplace

Electrical injuries account for approximately five percent of burn hospitalizations each year and cause an estimated 1,000 deaths out of a total of 30,000 injuries.

Although the most immediate effects of electrical injury are physical, individuals may also be at risk of financial consequences as well as cognitive effects from brain trauma.

Electric shock can cause many risks to the body, causing immediate and possibly chronic consequences depending on the nature of the incident.


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), burns are the most common injury resulting from electrical shock.

Atlanta Electrocution Lawyers

With proper treatment, these health outcomes can improve over time, depending on the severity of the injury and other factors. Others may develop disabilities, impairments, or other permanent conditions.

The consequences of electric shock can also increase, making it important to regularly measure your health according to the recommendations of your medical doctor.

Electrical injuries can have consequences that go far beyond a person’s health. Workers who experience electrical injuries may be temporarily unable to work.

According to a study by the National Fire Protection Association, more than 25 percent of workers who suffered electrical injuries over a five-year period had to take 31 or more days off work.

New York Electrocution Injury Lawyer

Some workers who need to take time off to treat their injuries may not have the luxury of an understanding boss, especially if the person is a contractor and is exempt from certain employment benefits.

If the injury requires a long time away from work, the injured victim may lose work and, if permanently or temporarily disabled, lose the ability to earn wages.

Although non-fatal electrical injuries account for the majority of electrical injuries in the United States, an estimated 1,000 deaths occur each year in the United States from electrocution. Low and high voltage shocks can be fatal if severe or not treated properly.


According to the Mayo Clinic, the first step you should take if you or someone you know has received an electric shock is to turn off the source of the shock, if possible. Do not attempt to move a person with an electrical injury unless they are in immediate danger.

Texas Aerial Lift Construction Accident Lawyer In Houston

Not every electric shock requires immediate treatment, although it is highly recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible.

If you do not seek emergency treatment, be sure to bandage any injuries caused by an electrical shock. Use a gauze bandage or a clean cloth, depending on what you have.

After removing yourself or the injured person from the immediate danger, your next steps will depend on how and where the electrical shock occurred, such as at home or at work.

Where the injury occurs and how it occurs are important factors in determining electrical injury liability and legal remedies.

Electrocution Lawyer In Philadelphia

Most electrical injuries occur as a result of workplace accidents. If you are an employee who has suffered an electrical injury on the job, you may be eligible to file a worker’s compensation claim or a personal injury claim if the accident was caused by your employer’s negligence.

Examples of employee negligence include failure to provide adequate equipment to employees, maintaining hazardous work conditions, failure to provide adequate training to employees, or any violation of OSHA laws.

People who have electrical injuries at home may have the opportunity to file a personal injury claim if their injuries were caused by a defective or dangerous product or negligent maintenance.


Examples of situations that may lead to legal action include injuries caused by faulty electrical equipment, or electrical injuries resulting from improper repair, replacement or installation of electrical circuits by a technician.

Electrocution Accident Attorneys In New Rochelle

Fatal electrical injuries can leave survivors with significant emotional and financial burdens. If your loved one suffered a fatal electrical injury due to the negligence of another party, you may be eligible for compensation through a wrongful death claim or lawsuit.

Seeking compensation for electrical injuries caused by the negligence of another party can be difficult without the knowledge and skills of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Electrical injury cases can be difficult to prove without a solid foundation, which may require gathering medical records, witness statements, security camera footage and other relevant materials.

Taking legal action against an individual or employer for negligence can also take time. Hiring a lawyer can relieve you of the burden of learning to navigate the complexities of the legal process.

Hotel Blow Dryer Accident Causing Electrical Shock Or Electrocution

A formal determination of the facts by the jury on the issues or questions presented to the jury by the judge.

The personal injury attorneys at Florin|Roebig have decades of experience helping injured victims and their loved ones obtain compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of another person.

Named one of America’s Top Law Firms, our attorneys have the knowledge and resources necessary to investigate your case and ensure that you receive the compensation you may be entitled to due to electrical injury, as well as other economic and non-economic damages.

Electrocution Attorney

Our attorneys are currently able to assist victims of electrical injuries from our offices in Florida, Texas, Minnesota and Colorado. During an initial consultation, our attorneys can thoroughly evaluate your case and provide you with an overview of your legal options.

Man Electrocuted While Working On Powerlines, Electric Company Says

If you have suffered an electrical injury due to a defective product or unsafe working conditions, you may be eligible to file a claim to receive compensation.

Don’t wait to find out what your case could be worth. Call the Florin|Roebig office for a free case evaluation with one of our top-rated electronic hacking attorneys.

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