Master Degree In Legal Studies

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Master Degree In Legal Studies – Earning a master’s degree in legal studies at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College gives students the flexibility to improve their careers or start a new one. Learn without imagination from home or in person at the Pews Center for and Society in Phoenix, AZ. Choose from over a dozen unique accents to find the perfect fit. MLS graduates start their own companies, advance in their current careers, or discover a new passion in the legal field.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time program, or whether you want to take courses in person or online, ASU wants to find the right path for you. Not requiring an entrance exam allows for a low barrier to entry, so you can get the education you want, the way you want. That flexibility allows you to earn degrees concurrently with other university programs.

Master Degree In Legal Studies

Master Degree In Legal Studies

If you want to understand legal principles and apply them to your field of interest without actually becoming a student, then a Master of Law is for you. The MLS program is a 30-credit program.

Master Of Jurisprudence Degree

ASU’s MLS degree can open new professional opportunities for students or enhance careers they already have. As part of the school curriculum, the course provides students with a solid legal foundation while emphasizing on choosing the right path for their interests. MLS graduates often get promotions, start their own businesses, or leave with additional knowledge to help them in the workplace or in life.

We offer full-time and part-time programs with in-person and online options. Our FastApp process fast tracks your application and takes only 10 minutes. The traditional LSAT test is not required, and both of our programs feature world-renowned professors and innovative courses to improve your skills.

Applicable to almost all career paths from corporate and healthcare compliance, criminal, business and everything in between, you will gain a competitive edge in your profession to add value to your workplace.

Concurrent degree programs in college W.P. Carey School of Business (six programs), Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, and School of Sustainability.

New Master’s Degree In Behavioral And Decision Sciences

ASU is a highly ranked and highly respected public school dedicated to educating the next generation of legal professionals. Named after Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, ASU graduates are poised to shape the legal landscape both inside and outside the courtroom.

The top-ranked school in Arizona and the #12 public school in the US, ASU is proven to produce talented young people and leaders. The school obeys the ASU Charter and is measured not by who it excludes, but by who it includes. That philosophy is integrated into everything ASU does.

LL.M. Graduates go on to start their own companies, advance in an existing career or pursue a passion. Either way, knowledge of legal framework enhances their career and shapes their thinking.

Master Degree In Legal Studies

ASU’s career services help students identify goals, find job opportunities, and help students pursue their passions. The Career Services team provides interview preparation, resume review and the guidance job seekers need as they enter the workforce. That resource is available to students from the moment they begin their journey at ASU and continues long after graduation.

Professional Degree Vs. Academic Degree: What’s The Difference?

Earn a master’s degree at Sandra Day O’Connor College in your own time from anywhere in the world. Access the same highly accredited faculty and courses you would in person, but tailored to you and your needs. Online students have the support of Student Services and a world-class digital curriculum they can rely on to ensure success in and out of the classroom.

As an ASU student, you have the opportunity to customize your degree according to your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. Take advantage of the popular majors listed below to match your interests and career goals. Learn to master legal principles in a variety of fields and be well-prepared to thrive in the evolving legal landscape.

Arizona Legal Paralegal Dispute Resolution Criminal Entrepreneurship and Strategy Federal Indian Health Indian Gaming Intellectual Property International Law and Security and Sustainability Patent Training Science and Technology Tribal Self-Government

Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College is one of the nation’s premier schools with a broad range of concentrations and unique experiences. We offer a 30-credit, one-year Master of Legal Studies (MLS) program for individuals who wish to expand their knowledge of the American legal system and business environment. No prior legal training is required. ASU’s world-class faculty provides students with unparalleled opportunities to gain the insight and practical skills needed to address legal challenges on a global scale. Spend a year with us improving your English, communicating with future years and developing the necessary knowledge and skills to help you succeed wherever your future takes you.

Bachelor Of Arts In Pre Law Studies

“I chose ASU because of the research opportunities available to me here. There are so many professors in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice doing amazing things that it was hard to narrow down my research focus, but I was able to do research in the Victims of Violence Lab where I am now. I had other schools on my list, But my main decision in choosing ASU for graduate school was that I knew I wanted to do research in my own community in Arizona.

The MLS program was approved by faculty in 2006 as a foundation-only program. Professor Sandra Artland Erickson joined ASU as director of the Master of Legal Studies program in 2009 when the student body was under 20. Professor Erickson developed much of the infrastructure for the new program, including the design and training of SDO 501 US. and legal analysis. Now, as a faculty member, he teaches legal writing and research and contract structure and review for professionals. Prior to joining the College, Professor Erickson spent ten years working primarily on litigation, environmental and regulatory compliance matters at Brian Cave Leighton Paisner’s international firm. Professor Erickson is licensed to practice in Arizona and Washington DC. She brings her real-world experience and passion for teaching to all of her classes in 2020, receiving the Outstanding Teacher Award from the graduating class. Online master’s in criminal justice degrees offer individuals the opportunity to explore both sides of the legal system. Your desire to serve your community may translate into a desire to pursue or expand a potential career in law enforcement, corrections, politics, or the legal fields. Or, you may want to try cases, study law, and prepare legal documents at a law firm. Regardless of your personal and professional goals, there are a variety of online master’s in criminal justice and law degree programs available.

Online master’s degrees in criminal justice and legal studies examine institutions and organizations that maintain social control, prevent and moderate crime, punish criminals, and work to establish justice in society. Criminal justice and legal studies are generally seen as related fields that lead to different types of majors. While an online master’s degree in criminal justice and legal studies can teach you about law, social order, and the justice system, there are also many areas of concentration to choose from within the broader context of criminal justice and legal studies. If you’ve ever watched a crime show on TV, you can identify with one aspect: the lab, the detective work, the technical staff, the officers, the prosecutors, or the judges. This skims the surface of a valuable group of individuals in the field of criminal justice and legal studies.

Master Degree In Legal Studies

FAST FACT 16.5% of criminology and criminology workforce with master’s degrees (2014)[i]online criminal justice and legal studies programs; Basics

Online Legal Studies, Ba/bs

Each university offering master’s degrees in criminal justice and legal studies programs may have its own prerequisites, although obtaining a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college is common. Program duration varies as there are full-time and part-time options for completing the degree. Look at your future school rather than assuming 2 years away. Some projects include (virtual) classroom instruction, research, a capstone project or thesis, or laboratory work. Online students may also be required to participate in interactive discussion panels and forums.

Within online master’s degrees in criminal justice and law courses, you’ll find many types or tracks for degrees. Some graduate degree programs in criminal justice and legal studies include Master of Arts (MA), M.A.

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