Master’s Degree In Sustainability

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Master’s Degree In Sustainability – Please note that SIT will make every effort to maintain its programs as described. In response to emerging situations, such as COVID-19, SIT may need to change or cancel programs.

Climate change is an urgent problem at the global, regional and local levels. This program offers the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and global experience to combat climate change and improve environmental sustainability and responsible human lifestyles. By using the natural and social sciences to engage with communities, environments, practices and policies, we can limit climate change and manage its impact on our world with ease. The program prepares you to work in climate change science, policy, conservation, development or community advocacy.

Master’s Degree In Sustainability

Master's Degree In Sustainability

During your first semester in Iceland, you’ll meet your cohort, participate in orientation, and learn about the country’s pioneering fossil fuel energy alternatives. You will also explore methods to reduce Iceland’s carbon dioxide emissions; basic environmental management policies; and its evolving geopolitical role as a leader in European energy innovation.

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Travel to Zanzibar in your second semester and investigate the effects of climate change on tropical ecosystems; Indian Ocean communities; and best practices for balancing natural resources with sustainable growth. You will also interact with scientists, activists and leaders as you learn about agriculture and aquaculture; food chains and markets; water and food security; government policy; and coastal urbanism.

Spend your final semester doing a professional internship at a leading environmental or climate change organization. This allows you to apply what you’ve learned in a professional environment, while gaining practical skills for your resume. You will also complete a document in which you reflect on your experiences.

Created specifically for mission-driven professionals seeking a comprehensive introduction to climate science (no advanced science knowledge required), and passionate about sustainable development, ecological conservation and resource management, the Master’s in Climate Change and Global Sustainability will enable. to gain the skills, expertise and real-world experience you need to make a difference locally or globally.

Head to the northwestern tip of Iceland, known for its tundra climate and stunning scenery. Hike glaciers, attend the Arctic Circle Conference, visit hydroelectric power plants and explore the dramatic effects of climate change on Arctic ecosystems and their communities. Students are housed in a converted high school with hotel-style rooms and a dining hall.

Resource Economics And Environmental Sociology Graduate Programs

From your coastal base in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Stone Town, you’ll explore Zanzibar’s Indian Ocean coastline, work with community organizations and activists, and apply conservation strategies to the coral reefs and tropical forests of Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. Students are accommodated in suitable apartments of their choice in Stone Town and have the opportunity to visit spice farms and beaches.

This master’s degree prepared me for my career because it challenged me to look for new interests and delve into subjects I had never studied before.

In your final semester, SIT will help you find an approved internship at a climate change or environmental sustainability think tank, NGO, government agency, or other organization involved in policy and advocacy, in a global location of your choice.

Master's Degree In Sustainability

This hands-on experience will give you the opportunity to do policy and advocacy work in the real world, expand your professional network, and strengthen your ability to develop informed expectations about what climate change strategies are feasible. The internship will be completed in addition to the other semester courses.

Ms Sustainable Management

During the internship phase, you will continue to interact with teachers and other students and receive credits for documenting the integration of your knowledge and skills while working in a professional context.

SIT has contracted a local school residence and temporarily reserved enough private rooms with private bathrooms to accommodate all students. This is the easiest, most convenient and cheapest option for all SIT students in Iceland and is highly recommended.

You can choose to protect your home independently. However, housing in Iceland, and especially in Ísafjörður, is not only very expensive, but also difficult to secure, as there are few housing options in the area, especially near the program location, and there are many local students in the market. If you do not plan to stay in the residence hall common to all students, please notify the admissions counselor in advance.

Our housing coordinator can help students find private housing in Zanzibar. Housing in Stone Town is quite limited due to the population density, but SIT will make every effort to find housing that matches your preferences and is within close proximity to the SIT Program Center, the Institute of Marine Sciences, and essential Stone Town amenities. Transitioning to a more resilient, environmentally responsible and inclusive economy, harnessing the power of technology.

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The Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Technology is offered by Enterprise for Society (E4S) on behalf of its three partner institutions: the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the Institute for Management Development () and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). EPFL). ).

The program will equip the next generation of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with the knowledge and skills to create a more resilient, environmentally responsible and inclusive economy. Program participants learn to lead multidisciplinary teams and solve complex problems in companies, startups and NGOs. Graduates will be ready to incorporate sustainability at the heart of their activities – in the business field or in entrepreneurship – and to do business at the service of their organizations, the environment and society in general.

The program aims to build competences in three dimensions: technology and innovation, economy and management and sustainability. Compared to existing programs organized around management, technology and/or sustainability around the world, the SMT master’s program is unique in that it focuses on all three dimensions simultaneously and in a balanced way.

Master's Degree In Sustainability

Based on theory and real-life applications, the program aims to improve personal and social skills, encouraging interdisciplinary teamwork in practical projects and systematically mixing students from different profiles. Formal courses and group projects are complemented and enriched by lectures and workshops with industry experts.

Master’s Degree In One Year Abroad

The courses are taught by professors from the UNIL and EPFL campuses, combining the experience of three internationally renowned academic institutions.

The program is aimed at graduates with little or no professional experience and includes students with an engineering profile (e.g. with a bachelor’s degree from EPFL or an equivalent technical university) or a management/economics profile (e.g. with a bachelor’s degree). ). UNIL – HEC or an equivalent business or economics faculty). The program focuses on interdisciplinary teamwork, mixing students with different profiles.

Graduates receive a Master of Science jointly awarded by three academic institutions: UNIL and EPFL.

Visit the official E4S website here for more information and frequently asked questions about the Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Technology.

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Blended Leading Sustainable Business Transformation Build your smart roadmap for a sustainable business future This program offers you a complete business transformation journey from a sustainability perspective. Place: Mixed Start date: March 11, 2024 Duration: 3 days virtual live, 5 weeks online, 3 days on campus Price: CHF 9,900 Read more

Online Winning Sustainability Strategies Build Sustainability into the Core of Your Business This program is designed to help you integrate sustainability into your strategy so you can maintain your competitive edge. Place: Online Start date: November 6, 2023 Duration: 5 weeks Price: CHF 1,950 More information

Promoting new sustainability from the board. Map your company’s ESG journey for long-term success. This allows you to fulfill your role in influencing and driving the integration of sustainability into your company’s strategy. In collaboration with WBCSD. Location: Lausanne Start date: October 6, 2023 Duration: 2 days Price: CHF 7,500 Learn more Gain real-world insights as you explore how people and nature thrive on a rapidly changing planet in our online program. In our immersive experience on campus, based on a foundation or thesis, you will talk to colleagues and professors who are committed to a greener future.

Master's Degree In Sustainability

More and more organizations around the world – businesses, non-profits, governments and consultancies – are committing to climate action. And they are looking for professionals with the specialized knowledge needed to overcome environmental challenges and implement more sustainable practices.

Global Master Of Arts: Climate Change & Global Sustainability (full Time)

On our Postgraduate Sustainability Programme, you’ll develop the expertise you need to fulfill such essential roles. Through engaging courses and a thesis or capstone, you will:

The 12-course Sustainability Degree Program is designed to help you develop practical skills that you can apply immediately in your career. You’ll experience the convenience of online learning and the immersive benefits of in-person learning.

Our core courses include learning research methodologies and developing specific sustainability skills in areas such as development, design and management.

Our wide selection of electives allows you to tailor your program to your personal or sector-specific interests, such as natural disasters, water use and conservation, and energy projects. Your thesis or capstone project allows you to apply these skills to a real-world problem.

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